Hi, I’m Melissa! Are you feeling stressed out by all the clutter in your life? Well, you aren’t alone! Clutter is all too common in present day society as we are constantly purchasing material items to solve all of our problems! No doubt we are truly lucky to live in this day in age, as we are incredibly well-connected with the latest technology and at the click of a button we can order right to our doorstep from a plethora of products geared towards each and every one of our needs.


The Let There Be Space blog covers an array of topics including tips on how to declutter your space, how to organize more efficiently and most importantly ways to simplify each space within your home. The blog also features posts about how to recycle, consign and donate in ways that are more environmentally conscious as well as more beneficial for the local community.


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Whether it’s a garage turned storage unit, or home office that has become hidden behind immense stacks of paper clutter, Let There Be Space can help. Together we will declutter and organize your space, one room at a time! By implementing organizational systems specifically for you, there will be more time for activities and people that spark joy in your life.