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Life Changing and Lasting Home Organizing

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Hello, my name is Melissa,

I am the Founder of Let There Be Space.

I help clients in Ontario to declutter and organize all kinds of spaces including clothing & linen closets, kitchens, basements, garages, crawl spaces, home offices, playrooms, and more!

But guess what?! My family and I used to have lots of stuff!

Over 10 years ago my family members began the journey of decluttering my childhood home.

A few of the biggest challenges we experienced were:

My parents really struggled to divide up their belongings as they separated when I entered my first year of university in 2012.

Everyone in my family including myself, worried about letting go of our sentimental items.

This was especially hard for my mom as she watched my sister and I grow up, and leave home. Many of the items reminded her of our childhood, and she felt that the memories would be lost, if she got rid of anything sentimental. This is a common feeling for some of my clients!

We used to say things like:

“I guess we should keep this just in case…”
“I don’t know which items I value the most… ”
“I don’t know where to start… ”

But I finally got fed up.

At first, the process of managing my stuff and my family’s belongings was overwhelming. However, as I helped my family let go of the excess stuff, we all began to feel much more at peace with less stuff.

I realized that…

A clutter free home means more time to enjoy the more important things in life from spending time with family to having more time for self care and relaxation!

Soon enough I developed a passion for transforming homes and helping people let go of stuff that they no longer need!

I’ve been helping people to simplify and organize their lives ever since.

And I am on a mission to help you:

Make space in your home to live a more fulfilling life
Declutter your home with your lifestyle and values in mind
Help you learn how to let go of items with greater ease

Ready to get organized?


Cluttered hallway
Cluttered hallway
Decluttered hallway
Decluttered hallway
Cluttered under the sink
Decluttered under the sink
Cluttered storage
Decluttered storage
Cluttered Art Station
Decluttered Art Station
Cluttered Garage
Cluttered Garage
Organized basement
Organized Garage

The Mindful Approach

Let There Be Space can help you to overcome the mindset blocks that are preventing you from letting go of items that clutter your home.

Before working with me, my clients keep items for various reasons, most commonly because they are worried that they might need those items in the future or feel guilty for spending too much money on something.

If you are feeling too overwhelmed to start decluttering your home, Let There Be Space can guide you in the process of decluttering and help you to make decisions about the stuff within your home with greater ease.

I use your personal core values and your current lifestyle, which helps clients to better understand which items they truly value at this time in their life. This allows me offer a very personalized solution for your home, storage, organizational systems, and also organizing product, and allows me to help you make informed decisions about the stuff in your space.

If this sounds like you, claim your free consultation with Let there be Space, and start your decluttering journey. Click below to get started!

before & after decluttering basement
before & after decluttering basement

The Decluttering Journey: How it Works

Coach to Battle Indecision

During each session, we will define your goals for the space, categorize your belongings and help you to decide which items you value the most. Once you have decided which items to let go of, we drop off the donations to save you time and energy!

Personalized System

We implement very personalized and long lasting systems to help you maintain a clutter free space. Together we will also plan and choose organizing products for your space, I will then find and compare pricing online, local shops and department stores. Together we will select organizing products that best fit your price and meet your goals of maintaining a cluttered free space while satisfying your aesthetic goals.

Clarity of Space and Mind

At the end of each session, we will drop off the items you choose to donate to further save you time, energy and to ultimately bring you more peace of mind.