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Eliminate Cable and Cord Clutter

Changing Technology Trends

We all have that pile of mismatched cables and cords that has been sitting idle in a drawer for years. With technology trends constantly changing we are acquiring new devices at an ever increasing pace to add to our collection, thus abandoning our outdated gadgets. With that pile of useless cords growing bigger every year, wouldn’t it be nice to quickly eliminate cable and cord clutter within your home once and for all? Read on to learn our simple five step method for decluttering and organizing your cords.

Sorting and Recycling

The first step is to take note of which devices you are currently using and which ones are just taking up space in your home. Sort your cords and cables setting aside the ones you no longer need in a bin for proper recycling. All e-waste can be recycled via your local Habitat for Humanity Restore or at the closest Best Buy location. Both have e-waste recycling programs, for more details check out and

Cord and Cable Organization

The next step is to organize the cords you have decided to keep. Find a cable organizer or cable keeper that works for you. There are many options on that you can choose from to keep your cables and cords from getting tangled. These options typically range from about $5 to $20. Another cheaper option is to use twist ties or binder clips which you may already have at home.

Bins and Labelling

Choose a bin or basket to hold all of your cords. Before placing each cord into the bin, label it. This prevents any confusion regarding which cord is for each of your devices. I recommend using a label maker to do this. However, if you don’t have a label maker just use a permanent marker and some masking tape.

Quick Review

Remember to remove and recycle all of your excess cords as soon as possible after decluttering. Why? Otherwise you will create clutter in other areas of your home. Placing the cords you no longer use into your car right away can be very helpful as a reminder to recycle them. Whenever you bring home a new device, take the time to organize and label all the cords right away. In sum, to prevent your cords and cables from becoming cluttered it is necessary to:

  1. Determining which cords you actually use
  2. Recycling the ones that you no longer need
  3. Use a cable organizer to prevent tangling of cords
  4. Find a suitable bin to hold all of your cords
  5. Label all cords prior to placing in the storage bin

Finding life too hectic to declutter and organize on your own? Not to worry! Let There Be Space can help you to simplify your life! Contact us via email at .

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