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Set Goals

Everyone needs to set goals to achieve our dreams. Setting goals is also important in order to achieve our ideal living space. This blog discusses the importance of determining goals for each room. This helps to direct the decluttering and organizing process.


If you want to be organized, you need to determine what you want to use your space for. By doing so, decluttering and organizing that space will become much easier. You can then ask yourself, does this item belong in this space? For example, maybe you have stored your workout equipment in the living room. However, this is not where you usually exercise. This equipment should be moved to whichever room you prefer to workout in. Set a purpose for your space and remove items that do not belong. 


Set a timeline for decluttering your home. If you are incredibly busy, perhaps your timeline will span several months. This is OK! Setting goals is important because it forces you to be responsible for achieving your goal of having an organized home. If you schedule time regularly to declutter and organize specific items within your home, you will be able to complete it within a reasonable amount of time. To make organization a priority in your life, you must make time for it. Schedule in time regularly to declutter and organize your belongings. If you have the time, you might prefer to declutter and organize your home all at once (again this could take a matter of weeks depending on many factors). Be patient with yourself and do not expect your home to become completely organized overnight.


Why set goals for your living space? Things don’t always get put back in the place where they belong especially when life is incredibly busy. If you set solid goals for your space, this is much less likely to happen. Set goals for the purpose of your space, set goals for how often you will maintain your space (i.e. cleaning, decluttering), and decide on an organizational system that works well for everyone in your household. By setting goals, you are setting yourself up for success. A clear, tangible plan is essential to helping you achieve your ideal home and lifestyle.

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