Hi, I’m Melissa! Are you feeling stressed out by all the clutter in your life? Well, you aren’t alone! Clutter is all too common in present day society as we are constantly purchasing material items to solve all of our problems!

Often the happiness created by material items is short lived. It can be very overwhelming when we realize just how much stuff we have acquired especially when the items do not align with our present values and interests. Sometimes we obtain other people’s stuff without planning to; perhaps by moving in with your partner who has kept everything since the dawn of time, or when you acquire the belongings of a loved one who has passed away.

Unfortunately our extra stuff tends to sit unused in our homes, sheds, basements, storage units and crammed into every ounce of space within our grasp. Sometimes with all our clutter, it is hard to place real value on specific items and to decide what is actually necessary within our lives to help us achieve our life goals. If you feel that this sums up how you are currently feeling or if you have ever felt this way in the past, I can definitely help!

My company specializes in decluttering and organizing. For me, decluttering means to ‘cleanse’ a space of items that are no longer of value to the members of a household. Items that remain in a household should enhance a living space and the lives of those residing within it. By decluttering and organizing, together we can create a space that is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Following this, we can create a sustainable, long-term plan specific to your needs and interests for home maintenance. I am committed to providing client specific organizing solutions and to help you create a space that is in alignment with your current life purpose.

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